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English week held from 14th May - 19th May



Modern Era Convent , Janak Puri , New Delhi recently organized English Literary Week . Week long activites marked the journey of English Language. A multitude of enriching  and fun-filled activities was conducted for the Primary section like word chain with Alphabets, skits on ‘ Parts of speech’ , Recitation, Pick ‘n’ Tell etc. . Students of class IV gave wings to their creativity and made colorful book jackets with summaries of  stories read by them. Other activities like making of Creative bookmarks with quotes by famous English authors and poets were also appreciated as a literary endeavour. The students of the senior section also participated in myriad activities like Extempore and Story Dramatisation competitions. Class VII students displayed phenomenal literary and acting skills through the street play on the theme ‘Crime against Men and Women’. A quiz was also conducted as an activity that provoked the students to tickle their brains and think out of the box.

The topic ‘Modernity lies in thought not dress’ was taken up by the class XII students for group discussion. The most exemplary presentation of the week was ‘Walk the Talk with English Language ‘ that highlighted the nuances of the language in a subtle yet humorous manner. The efforts of  the  English faculty in putting up very zestful activities was applauded by one and all.