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Mathematics Week held from 17th December - 22nd December

  Tabulating Maths With Fun

There is no denying the fact that Mathematics plays a pivotal role in our life because it helps develop analytical and logical skills which further nurture the problem solving ability. Therefore, it is important that students pursue the subject ardently. So, with the vision to create love for the subject and to dispel the phobia that surrounds it, Modern Era Convent, Janakpuri recently celebrated Mathematics Week.

Various activities were organized for different classes. Students of classes Pre-School to III created beautiful designs using geometrical shapes.

Concepts of perimeter and area were reinforced through activities on Mensuration for classes IV and V. Students of class VII explored geometrical concept using triangle cutouts

Active participation and learning by the students was seen in the Inter House Maths Quiz.

Week long activities came to an end with Power Point Presentations by the students of class IX in which different mathematical concepts were explained by the students in a simple way. Efforts of students were appreciated by one and all.