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Earth Day Celebrations

To demonstrate our awareness and concern for environmental protection Modern Era Convent, Janak Puri, New Delhi commemorated ‘Earth Day’ by organizing a plethora of activities. A cleanliness and awareness drive was organised alongwith Quiz on the topic of ‘Energy’ which was conducted by the students of the senior section during school assembly. The middle section students enthusiastically participated in Poetry Writing, Slogan Writing and Poster Making activities on the topic of Trees, Save Earth and Save Energy respectively. The students of the primary wing, too matched the efforts of their seniors through their art & craft, painting, collage making and other activities, thereby expressing their love for Mother Earth. A pledge was also administered wherein the students promised to take steps in their daily routine towards the care of the planet and to make a big difference to the future of the Earth. The Principal of the school addressed the audience and laid emphasis on developing the spirit of responsibility towards the planet that we have inherited from our ancestors and owe to our future generations.