The school follows CCE pattern of evaluation as laid down by the CBSE. This system covers all aspects of a student's school life and emphasise two fold objectives – continuity in evaluation and assessment of broad based and behavioural outcomes. It aims to improve student learning on one hand and provides students,parents and teachers with valid information concerning a student's progress on the other.

Periodic reports of progress are sent to the parents throughout the year. Parents/Guardians are requested to study the reports carefully and discuss them with the concerned teachers or the Principal. In a given academic session,apart from the periodic class tests and assessments, two main term-wise examinations are held.The promotion of a student to the next class depends on his/her overall performance during the entire session. Due credit is also given to home assignments/project work etc. It is, therefore, very essential that a student must take all the tests and examinations and complete all projects/assignments etc in time.