Modern Era Convent has always believed in bringing out the best in the students. The school thereby provided an opportunity for the same by organizing ‘COGNIZANCE’ an online event for classes VI to VIII. This structured activity based programme provided an opportunity for reinforcing the lessons already learnt in the classroom, whereby students got an opportunity to sharpen their communication skills , time management and develop confidence

The event commenced on   8 November ,2021 with an interesting activity ‘SCIENCEPORIUM ‘ for class VIII students . In this activity students demonstrated science experiments and also explained the principles  behind them .Next activity ‘MATH-O-MANIA’ was for grade VII students .The event was idealised to make Mathematics subject interesting which helped the students overcome the phobia related to the subject . In this activity  students presented topics taken up in the class and also explained  the magic behind the concepts. Through this activity students learnt many basic concepts of Mathematics in a simple and playful way. Next activity ‘SCIENCE MAGIC‘was for the budding scientists of grade VI .In this activity students presented captivating experiments related to density ,air pressure , light and many more . Science is all about exploration and discovery and  this activity served the purpose .

 The result was declared on 18 November,2021 in a live online session . The winners were awarded E- certificates . Overall , it was heart warming to see student’s par excellence performance . The event was a learning experience for one and all.